Weekend Warriors

I should have posted something on Responsibility yesterday

Somewhere along these lines, my friend said that we are basically “kids” stuck in adult bodies. 90% of the people I know, age 25-30, are still partying like they are in college, having random one-night-stands and getting high while playing video games. However, they also have, 9-5s, bills, apartments, etc. But think back to your parents at this age. Most of them were married, possibly had you; they were living real grown-up lives, being responsible, planning for the future.

Is this a new phenomenon, where our glory days seep into the next chapter of our lives? Are we the new Yuppies? Who rather than being out of touch with the realities of the lower class, just focus on making money to spend money? Is “Work hard, play harder” our tagline? A generation that lives for the weekend.

I had dinner with my family a few nights ago and I asked my…

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