vision through words

by Valerie Moreno

Stepping in to the world,
my white cane taps lightly
on ground, grass, making music.

As I walk, I am
confronted by assumptions-
“Oh, that poor thing!”
“How does she survive?”

Someone grabs my arm,
begins to tell me of
an operation or prays for my sight

I’m embarrassed, humiliated, irritated-
am I such a intolorable object,
only damaged eyes?

I shake my head,
no, it’s not being blind I contemplate
each hour , every day…

It’s the sound of music,
children laughing,
the purring of my cat,
the voice of a friend

I am not helpless or hero,
triumphant or tragic-
I just want you to open your eyes
to realize I am like you.

Valerie Moreno is 58, a mom, grandma, “mommy” to a mischievious blind cat and a writer. She is totally blind.

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