Safety Costs Freedom

Today’s Story:

This post is a little earlier than when I normally post simply because I stayed home today to study for SAT’s. The lesson to be learned today is the same lesson Benjamin Franklin taught in 1775. Like I said before I want to attend to younger audiences and children around my age, so this wont be a history lesson but will reference the past.


All my post are short and so will this one be. The fact I’m trying to portray today is that no matter where you are your losing your freedoms. Just today posts were released that Hungary is no longer democratic(more info). You see on TV and other media outlets anti-gun laws which directly violates second amendment. Egypt went through an entire democratic revolution and end up electing a new dictator. 40,000 Laws are passed in America every year, that’s 5 laws every hour(or a law every 12 minutes). It is legal to for the American Government to Drone strike you without trial. Many countries are trying to censor the internet through bills like CISPA. We all know how the TSA limited what you could do on a plane all for your safety.  I only hope this is a reminder and not a wake up call. We are slowly losing our are freedoms. All I ask is that your spread the message and increase the awareness.

Today’s Quote:

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

-Benjamin Franklin

Today’s Guest: A post from one of the few people who follow me…

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*** This is defiantly one of my more serious blogs and normally intend my blogs to be more upligting


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