It gets better

Boston Story – Texas Story – MIT Story – CISPA

Today’s Quote:

Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness.


Today’s Song:

Young and Beauty (from the Great Gatsby)

Today’s Video:

Salt Boarding

Today’s Message: Maybe all the security in the world will not keep us safe but we must learn to grow and prosper from it. We must never be defeated. We must continue to love each other especially in hard changing times.


**Remember to follow this post to help not only develop it but learn life lessons. I will be posting educational and entertaining content aimed at teens and people my age. These Things will really help you succeed in the future. Please comment and don’t forget I will post a free movie to this blog every Thursday based on request or relevance. Look at other lessons learned and be Happy and Share. Thank you for viewing!!

***Update: Keep a look out for my new blogs one aimed at an older audience and another one aimed at cool Discoveries


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