Almost Invincible

Today’s Message:

Older people know it and younger people refuse to believe it but we’re not invincible. However I can speak from experience I kinda act like I’m invincible. When we are young we try and do things that we don’t think about until later. Me personally I’ve tried Hallway Swimming and the Harlem Shake and even though neither are dangerous, there could have been some consequences. Especially seeing that I did both on school property.

However my message is not to wise up and stop doing you but to continue doing you. You may never get to do these things again, they call them trends for a reason. Live life to the fullest and never stop doing you. When your old you’ll laugh about these things and enjoy sharing them.

Today’s Quote:
“Be yourself- who else is better qualified?” -Frank J. Giblin II

Today’s Song: Click Here

Today’s News: Boston Suspect in Russia

**Update: Thanks for the likes and the views, please bare with me through the updates I hope to expand this blog to reach various audiences but maintain a mostly young audience. Out of all the new pages I hope to start I look forward to education the most were I’ll be posting free online courses and advanced content from the top school like Yale and Harvard in quite a few subjects like Psychology and Literature.

***Remember to follow this post to help not only develop it but learn life lessons. I will be posting educational and entertaining content. These Things will really help you succeed in the future. Please comment and share. I will post a free movie to this Thursday and every Thursday as long as you follow. Look at other lessons learned and be Happy and Share. Thanks you for viewing!!


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