A life without regrets

A life without regrets

Today’s Message:

I don’t have a story today but I do have a simple message. That message is live life without regrets. I see so many times that people are stopped short of the goal based on regrets or past experiences.

Regrets to me seem to only hold you back. How can we truly move forward if we are always thinking about the past. We often have thoughts of we should have done that or this. We must learn from our mistakes and use them to advance in the future. Everybody has a bad day, some more than others but push forward.

My challenge for this week is to not only think positively but to not dwell on bad events. This task is easy if something bad happens try to learn from it than instantly forget it ever happened. Most people do this sub-concisely but if you never dwell on bad events from the past or you just simply choose to think about something else. You will eventually become a better and happier person.
Learn Forget and Prosper

Today’s Video:

History of Punk Draft

Today’s Song:

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Today’s Quote:

Fear is stupid. So are regrets. -Marilyn Monroe

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