Where does confidence come from?

Where does confidence come from?

Today’s Message:

I see many people who have outstanding personalities and accomplishments but yet they seem to lack confidence. Just as I have seen people who are the total opposite but yet they have an abundance of confidence. So where does confidence come from?

The simple answer is from within but, that not good enough for this post. I’m going to give you a few tips that guaranteed you an increase in confidence.

1.Music- listening to music. Now I know everyone listens to music even introverts but the important thing is to listing too good and positive music. I recommend music that you can dance and sing to. If people are around the key is to not to pay attention to them or make them feel like outsiders. I promise if you sing, dance, and have a good time, you’ll begin to feel better about yourself.

2.Smile- A smile will do wonders especially a genuine one. To accomplish a genuine smile think of positive things that make you smile even if their not always true (jokes will work just as well). For example I might be sitting there and I’ll smile for no reason and then then think, I went scuba diving for a morning run. That statement will make me smile not only because it slightly funny but also because it’s ridiculousness and doesn’t have a bunch of logic. Spend time thinking of things that make you laugh, smile, and even grin.

3. Spread Out- Always try to take up as much space as possible. Stretch your arms up and in all directions. Stay active and move around often. Deep breaths also help. A confident posture can help you feel more confident believe it or not.

4. Blog- share and express your ideas that make you happy.

Today’s Video:

Touch the Sky

Today’s Quote:

With confidence, you have won before you have started.
–Marcus Garvey

Guest:  Hagiographic

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