“Making Whole”

This was great, I could feel the emotion from the words. This was utterly amazing and I was very moved. I bet many writers could relate to this.

Da Absentee

I’ve found a place
a safe
Heavy steel, galvanized plates
aluminum pressed and yield
where I attempted to lock it away
nothing existed
it was non-existent
I was non-existent… but you adhered
a loyal assistant
caught a snag
in the midst of oxidation
caused the revelation that sparked revolution
the rebirth and solution
four walls and a door
you were there to fix
you the gift
kept me moving 
beat and drum
anything needed; everything I needed
no need to convince
legendary as The Sphinx
life pelts sometimes
makes no sense to me
making everything history
why you stay… why you stayed
has to be something more than me
Still here you stand
beside me
your soul & veins
I’m garden, your sun & rain
by my side
yet you complain
continuing;  always stepping in
make things change
take passing moments to rearrange
instead of enjoy the stage…
you I owe more than life

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