Hard Work

Hard Work

Today’s Message:

If you ever bring up a discussion about what it takes to be successful or how far I will go to be successful. I’ll most likely tell I’ll do what is takes. I really do believe now that Hard Work is necessary to be successful in life. I often stay up late and go beyond what is required to meet and obtain goals. This ideal seems to work for the most part. Way better than what I used to do.

I used to believe that I could rely on intelligence and just figure out some way to outsmart or get the work done better or faster. This ideology did not work because i’d often get nothing accomplished. I’d neglect to the work or never figure out a way to do it better or faster. It sort into an advanced for of procrastination and excuses.

I said all that to say this: There is no replacement for good hard work.

If you stay dedicated and work hard then I can promise you will succeed. You just have to let yourself succeed and truly believe you will.

Today’s Quote:

There is no substitute for hard work.
–Thomas A. Edison

Today’s Video:

Dear Hardwork

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