Stanford Mini Med School: Medicine, Health, Science by Stanford Medicine

1.How Technology Gives Insight into Human Anatomy and Disease
by StanfordUniversity 5,568 views
1:50:26 2

2.The Developing Heart in Health and Disease
by StanfordUniversity 4,460 views
1:49:09 3

3.Vascular Disorders of the Central Nervous System
by StanfordUniversity 34,856 views
1:49:26 4

4.Seeing Is Believing
by StanfordUniversity 6,431 views
1:48:36 5

5.Sounds and Senses: How We Hear and When We Don’t
by StanfordUniversity 3,406 views
1:59:30 6

6.Breathing, Wheezing and Gasping for Air: Our Respiratory System
by StanfordUniversity 8,968 views


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