We are really alone…

We are really alone and may be small in comparison but their does happen to be some benefits.

Now I normally don’t do my daily blog like this but this video was very touching, it is called Space Oddity Goodbye. Now I don’t plan to write a review of this but instead talk about some general facts revolving around our universe and loneliness.

When you look at our entire observable universe, we are really small. Like an ant to a skyscraper times a billion. If you were to name everything you could in the observable universe in an hour, there is a great chance you could miss earth entirely. So yea we’re pretty small.

Sometimes we seem small in comparison to the world around us but unlike the universe there is always someone around who I bet cares. 9/10 I care about the average stranger and the person I don’t even know. So really when you think about it it’s a small world after all.

However I must present another view. The view that no one else can do us or should i say you. No one can get grades for us, no one can go to work for us, no one can live our lives for us.

But, maybe that is a good thing. Us being alone in the universe allows us to expand and not be conquered. Maybe we rely to much on others. Maybe it’s a good thing we are the solemn ruler and undisputed ruler of our own decisions. because who knows what it be like if no matter where you went you where never alone. No matter how deeply you think or how far you go into the universe someone is always their, its kind of a nightmare if you think about it.

Today’s Quote:

“We live as we dream–alone….”
― Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

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