How to avoid Nightmares?

Now after watching that video the question mark in How to avoid nightmares can mean two things. (if you know what I mean)

Now I can’t explain this video or even tell you if this is real or fake but despite that it’s kind of funny. However If you really did want to know how to avoid nightmares well don’t go anywhere you’re still in the right place. I’m going to teach you my personal secret to how to avoid nightmares.

1. Clear your mind- Have a a clear mind when you go to sleep

2. Be tired- Make sure your actually tired a restless and wandering mind could make for a havoc night’s sleep.

3. Avoid Food- Avoid food or sweets before bed, apparently they give you crazy dreams. This could however just be a myth.

4. Be relaxed- Stay Relaxed and think peaceful thoughts

5. Forget- My favorite method that I personally use to avoid nightmares is forgetting. Now I know your thinking, well that doesn’t help. Butt, if you forget you ever had a dream well than isn’t that the same as not having a dream at all.

Now you can do that 1 of 2 ways or maybe you can use both ways(who knows?).

The first method is when you wake up Immediately try organizing yourself and getting your self ready for the next day and don’t ever think about yesterday, your sleep, or anything like that. Just start your day.

The second method is to have an alarm clock especially a distracting one. It doesn’t always have to be loud or strange either. You could have an alarm clock like mines that requires you to do a math problem.

Tell me what you do to avoid nightmares or what you do when you do have one.

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