I’m not there yet..

I’m not there yet…

I’ve seen success, I study success, and I want Success but I’m not successful. Sound like you? Well your not alone in fact I’m in the same boat as you.

I often stay up late and wake up early and do whatever else I think it takes to do be successful and I am relatively successful but not overly successful.

Why am I bringing this up?

Now the reason I’m bringing this up is because today I watched an inspirational video by a lady, that addresses what I’m about to talk about. She talked about how people often talk about their success and how well their doing, and this is a good method of promotion because it says” “I did it and You can do it to”. However people who are not to that level or should I say are just starting out do the same thing and it doesn’t work.

It is really obvious why this method wouldn’t work. It doesn’t work because it’s like trying to sell a product you’ve never used or tried.

What’s better than talking about how  successful you are?

So instead she recommended for people just starting out in a new area to instead talk about what they plan to do and where they plan to go. And to be honest and I know she’d agree that is better than flaunting success. A person would rather buy into a good dream rather than into a method that might make you successful based on the results someone else has produced.

Now I’m guilty of this mistake. When I started at the Empower Network (A viral blogging system that makes you money) I wanted to talk about how rich you could get off of it. I hadn’t even made one commission yet. After watching that video though I decided to be more honest, I think people will buy into what I’m selling more often.

Join Empower Network

If you want to get into my adventure to the top: Click Here. I will be trying out this new blogging system that I briefly mentioned before that I really do believe will pay off. Clicking the link will give you all the information you need to know. The start-up and concept is very easy to grasp. I’m apart of the Prosperity Team which will give you additional advice. Once you sign up I will personally guide you and give you the advice and information I know. I’m not there yet but I’ll get their eventually.

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Don’t forget to check out other posts by me, share, subscribe, comment, and like if liked it. I will be posting educational and entertaining content daily. These things that will really help you succeed, now and in the future, I promise. Stay Happy.

p.s something that was supposed to be a secret 🙂

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