The Dreaded Quarter-Life Crisis

“Live Life without regrets”- college. A great post 🙂


“Live life with no regrets.”

These were the words my high school dance/drill team director shared with me around my sophomore year. At the time, I interpreted these words as meaning to make the right decisions in life. Taking this to heart, I stressed about the repercussions of my decisions; attempting to forecast the future in order to answer the question, “Will I regret this later?” A few years and many life lessons later, things have undoubtedly changed.

I am now half way done with college, and just like most young adults in my position, I have begun to enter my “quarter-life crisis.” Throughout my first year and a half I was able to maintain confidence in the decisions I was making, but with the end of my second year approaching, I started to develop some reservations.

What was I going to do with a degree in sociology?

Should I…

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