How to be the Best Performer

What is the best performer?

The best performer is the person who when they can on stage or in front of a crowd they seem flawless they always know what to say and do. They can make you laugh and cry in the same sitting. Now me personally I have not managed to be able to do this yet, and this doesn’t just apply to wanna-be rock-stars I’m talking to anyone who want to perform well in from of audience.

Tip #1

Work and Practice hard, behind every good event and performance is practice, hard-work and dedication. Nothing worth the wait, takes a short amount of time. Simple tip so let’s move on.

Tip #2

Ties into Tip #1 so firmly that this could be Tip 1.5. This tip isn’t as important but it is to study those who have done what your about to do. Learn from the success and avoid the failures. People who are serious about being the best study not only there opponent but everyone who came before them.

Tip #3

Tip #3 is to keep a good positive mindset. Visualize your success and it will happen. Prepare yourself mentally for what you are about to encounter. Go as far as even writing down all of the things you look forward to during your performance. This includes getting “hype”.


Apply everything I’ve said in detail there are more tips ahead but you’ll have to revisit the site to obtain them later. People often cannot figure out why others succeed off the same advice they where given and the secret simply is that those other people followed that instruction in detail, border-line/almost as if perfectionist.

Tip #5

Always do you and stay happy


Today’s Quote:

Giving a good performance, giving it all is what it’s all about. I love to perform.
Henry Rollins

Today’s Video

Obama- Get Lucky


I could use some feedback and yes, the vlogging is still coming.


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