Snowden is not Snowed-IN

Where’s Edward?

As most people reading this may or may not know Edward Snowden has been seeking refuge in other countries to avoid being prosecuted in america. He was originally in Hong Kong till he was at risk of being extradited than went to Moscow where he currently is. Many people thought he was going to be on a flight to Cuba but turns out they were wrong. Snowden is however planned to go to Cuba in order to get to Ecuador where Julian Assange got asylum. As of now Moscow has said that Snowden is a free man.

My personal opinion

Is good because in a country that supports free speech and spread of ideas we surely hate those who do it the best. Snowden has been charged with espionage which is hypocritical seeing that, that means taking information with unlawful consent, NSA really? Another term I’d like to define is hero, meaning a person with noble and courage like qualities in which I think Snowden is very qualified to receive such a title under his circumstance.


the Snoweden reference in the title is to signify that even though it was though that Edward Snowden would be detained in the cold, winter-like Russia he was in fact not, a play on words.


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