How to Speak Swaghili [Yeezus]

I be speakin Swaghili…

If you’ve been paying any attention to new culture latley you’ve probably seen Kanye’s West name written on it.

Here’s an update on Kanye:

  • Runs into pole flips out on paparazzi-
  • Rants about not doing skits for SNL-
  • Preforms 2 new songs on SNL- &
  • His Baby named North West (clever)-
  • Yeezus leaked-
  • Controversial Lyrics stir up conversation-
  • Arrogant Lyrics Questioned-
  • The Language Swahili is created–

8 popular words translated into Swaghili…

Turn Up | Definition: To let loose and have fun | Swaghili Translation: Oscillate upward

Thirsty | Definition: To crave attention | Swaghili translation: Parched

Jump off | Definition: A girl used strictly for sex, nothing else | Swaghili translation: Public Restroom

Hella | Definition: To describe a lot of something | Swaghili Translation: Heap

Shorty | Definition: Affectionate term for a girlfriend, or attractive female | Swaghili Translation: Female Acquaintance

Ratchet | Definition: A ghetto girl who is loud and obnoxious and constantly causing drama and usually trashy | Swaghili Translation: Trollop

Where They Do That At | Definition: That’s lame, no one does that | Swaghili Translation: Alabama

Baby Mama/Baby Daddy | Definition: The person who you went half on a baby with || Swaghili Translation | Indentured Companion

Learn Swaghili and be happy from Lessons Learned…


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