Today’s Message:

I’ve seen a lot of stories lately where people fall from grace and people just critique and criticize them. The problem for me isn’t that they chastised and criticized their bad behavior it’s that they continue to bash them.

The problem I have with this is yeah they made a mistake but they said sorry and now your just drowning them in their mistakes. Like sometimes it’s like can they breathe.

Now think about if you were in their situation…

You realize that “hey, I made a mistake”  maybe I won’t do that again. All is good? No, people come up to you and say “hey, I heard you made a mistake” x50. Then people come up to you and say “hey, I heard you did this and I was offended” x50. “hey, I heard what you did” x50 and I bet it gets annoying. (Like this paragraph) So there is a simple solution…


If we are willing to forgive, move on, and do so with  eagerness than we won’t run into this dilemma, because no one likes to re-live their mistakes.


This post is kind of in reference to so celebrities who have recently landed themselves in trouble. Paula Deen, Ocho Cinco, even Alec Baldwin who no one even payed any attention to. So yea double standards are at play. These celebrities lose millions of dollars and contracts every time they make a mistake.


Shouldn’t people with substantial power and respect have higher costs for their mistakes. Shouldn’t everyone be punished for the tiniest problems so they know never to do it again, so it never ever escalates to something bigger.

I don’t know it all, all I really know is that LessonsLearend wants you to stay happy.

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