Egypt’s Deadline is here

Now as of starting this post the Egyptian deadline for Mohamed Morsi is 30 minutes away. If you don’t know the people have went to the streets in protest against Morsi. Morsi however says he’s not stepping down and his reason because: people going to the streets shouldn’t be allowed to “impeach” a president.

We all see the problem…

Morsi was elected through riots and protests on the streets when Hosni Mubarak was president. The difference for Morsi is this is a…

Lose Lose

6 parliament members who even though not apart of the Muslim brotherhood stepped down. The military has threatened Morsi to meet the people’s demand’s in 48hrs or else. This Egyptian crisis has caused crude oil to spike in price.

Signs you should step down…

Pick the answer that best” answers the question

A) People take to the streets

B) Th military isn’t on your side

C) Cabinet members you selected resign

D) The country is on the verge of a civil and economic crisis/war

E) All of the above

If you selected D you were close but the correct answer is E. Stay Happy from Lessons Learned

…There are protesters in favor of morsi

As of publishing this it is 10 minutes from the Deadline (5pm local) (11am Est.)


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