A little bit about me…

I’m a high school junior who attends Sussex Tech. I like Music, Learning new things, having fun, and most of all being happy. The writing below is based off of my commons application essay.

 My Story

Yesterday I was at a table with two sodas and some candy. It was yesterday when my feet hardly reached the ground. And it was yesterday when my dad told me and my brother: “you can have the sodas and candy or wait and receive the Greater Reward”. That day I waited and from then on I always waited for the better opportunities and things in life. That day the “better thing” only happened to be a dollar which was a lot at the time but I learned plentiful from it.

Today I learned from my Dad to honor God first, family second, and to always get a good education. He then told me if I keep these things close to heart, one day I’ll grow up and be able to go out into the world and be successful. He told me pursue my interests and always do the best at whatever I do.

But that was 13 years ago and this is now. Since then I’ve learned a lot and done a lot and still have much more to go. How I got this far is a short story, where I’m going is an adventure and a Journey to witness.

Throughout my school years I kept busy learning what I could and doing whatever it took to be the best. I normally participated in academic events most of the year; I’d do geeky things like Math League, Science Olympiad, Student Government, Band, and numerous of others. This went on until the flowers began to bloom. Then I would run track but I was always so small that even though I was fast it wasn’t really ever enough. Nevertheless I could jump far, so I did long jump. Every time my feet left the ground I wished I’d never come down and that when I opened my eyes  I’d be amongst the stars. At night I felt the stars agreed with me, they often winked at me.

Outside of school I worked hard doing whatever little tasks I could do to earn money; I was and still am ambitious. I eventually earned up enough at young age to invest in stocks and bonds and then later went on and opened up a small candy business. I sold to kids who often couldn’t see the reward in waiting but always had a dollar.

The last few years of my life had the greatest Impact on my life out of them all.

Freshman year I left all my friends and acquaintances I had grown up with to go to a better more challenging School. That year I made friends with a lot of seniors and so I learned firsthand what the next 4 years would be like. I’m a junior now and I can honestly say freshman year didn’t prepare me for much of anything to come. However the years at my school has prepared me in a way for countless things.

People, who say I can’t do it, don’t realize that the word “can’t” motivate me even more to do the impossible. In the end I will work hard to get it and ultimately thank them for their motivation.

I loved my mother but I never cried on the first day of school. I didn’t cry because I was ready for what’s next.

On a rainy day I want to look out from one of the tallest buildings in the city and look down and honestly say I don’t have to do any more because the greater reward is here. That night I won’t even look up at the stars, I know they’ll no longer be there to guide me. That night I’ll say thanks to all the people who helped me get their especially my parents and teachers.

That night is what I’m waiting on; I’m waiting on success.

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p.s something that was supposed to be a secret 🙂

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