Where is North?

Now North generally is defined as up but in this video they present a problem with calling “up” or “north” north.


Brain Mind and Behavior: Defining the Mind

Uploaded on Jan 10, 2008

Take a look into our current understanding of the function of the human brain and some of the important diseases that cause nervous system dysfunction. On this edition, Dr. Sophia Vinogradov of the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center explores the mixing of visual perception, emotion, and memory and the interplay of the different functions of the brain. Series: “UCSF Mini Medical School for the Public” [10/2007] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 13029]

How big is the Universe ?

Ever Wonder how big the universe is?

Well of course you could Google it but it doesn’t give you as good of an idea as this site I discovered. I will be including a link down below but just to give you a brief overview. This scale allows you to easily navigate from the most smallest even smaller than the atomic structure to the whole entire observable universe.

Even if your not into astronomy a whole bunch I find and I’m pretty sure you’ll find this really interesting.

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Amazing Resonance Experiment!

I found this neat and fascinating. I thinks think this is a good way to start off summer but not typical nor ideal.

Song name: Dark Wave


History repeats itself even though man often changes.

History repeats itself even though man often changes.

There might be new things under the sun but it’s not a theory but observation that history does in fact repeat itself (Detrick). History has repeated itself since people could write history down and It will continue to repeat itself. This is an inevitable truth that we cannot change. The only way we could possibly prevent ourselves from making the mistakes of the past is for everyone to learn about them. Very few people know, value, or even pay attention to the past. It had been brought up many times in history class that the average person doesn’t know significant or major events that have occurred throughout history. That being said, History repeats itself even though man often changes.

History Repeats itself example 1

The oldest example of history repeating itself goes backs to the Israelites and Persians with slaves. This was a recurring topic throughout American history and today there are still slaves. Big companies are the owners and people who work overseas, in sweatshop, and in poor conditions are the slaves.

History Repeats itself example 2

The Spanish war set the template for a “good or popular war” but, today we still invalidate those principles. The Spanish war should’ve taught us keep the war short with few casualties and obtainable objectives. Today we seem to do the opposite and the consequences always show like with the Vietnam War Protests or even more recently the Afghan/Iraq War.

History Repeats itself & No one is an exception

Not one type of culture or people despite education is excluded from this argument. Napoleon Marched into Russia and is beat by the cold. Hitler who was superior in technology and war for his time made the same exact mistake. Both of these people conquered most of Europe and both of them made the same fatal mistake.

History Repeats itself but we can benefit from it

In the future we’ll have another economic downturn like the Great Depressors and The Housing Bubble. In the future we’ll see small countries be beat by bigger countries. In the future I can assure you we’ll see history relived and there are signs now that point to it, If we know what we’re looking at. What happened before the Great Depression and the Housing Bubble? What happened after a nation had conquered Europe? It’s really simple to see if we know.

History Repeats itself but their is hope

Not all hope is lost; we can and always change the future. However to avoid the mistakes of the past doesn’t take one or several people to know the truth it takes everyone or a large majority. The Great Depression devastated everyone in the United States an event that can’t be ignored and is remembered by most people. Since the Great Depression we have not seen unemployment rates anywhere near 20%. This change only occurred because a collective amount of people realized the damage and someone in power took action. This change would’ve never occurred if it had affected a small area like Delaware.

Changing the future doesn’t come down to someone knowing the past. Someone will always know and most likely document the past. It takes a group effort to stop the forever recurring waves of history. At least if some of the right people know than we can slow down the harsh and inevitable waves of history. Maybe the importance of history is not to learn from past mistakes or failures but to expect what’s coming next.


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Commons Application Essay

Commons Application Essay

Yesterday I was at a table with two sodas and some candy. It was yesterday when my feet hardly reached the ground. And it was yesterday when my dad told me and my brother: “you can have the sodas and candy or wait and receive the Greater Reward”. That day I waited and from then on I always waited for the better opportunities and things in life. That day the “better thing” only happened to be a dollar which was a lot at the time but I learned plentiful from it.
Today I learned from my Dad to honor God first, family second, and to always get a good education. He then told me if I keep these things close to heart, one day I’ll grow up and be able to go out into the world and be successful. He told me pursue my interests and always do the best at whatever I do.
But that was 13 years ago and this is now. Since then I’ve learned a lot and done a lot and still have much more to go. How I got this far is a short story, where I’m going is an adventure and a Journey to witness.
Throughout my school years I kept busy learning what I could and doing whatever it took to be the best. I normally participated in academic events most of the year; I’d do geeky things like Math League, Science Olympiad, Student Government, Band, and numerous of others. This went on until the flowers began to bloom. Then I would run track but I was always so small that even though I was fast it wasn’t really ever enough. Nevertheless I could jump far, so I did long jump. Every time my feet left the ground I wished I’d never come down and that when I opened my eyes I’d be amongst the stars. At night I felt the stars agreed with me, they often winked at me.
Outside of school I worked hard doing whatever little tasks I could do to earn money; I was and still am ambitious. I eventually earned up enough at young age to invest in stocks and bonds and then later went on and opened up a small candy business. I sold to kids who often couldn’t see the reward in waiting but always had a dollar.
The last few years of my life had the greatest Impact on my life out of them all.
Freshman year I left all my friends and acquaintances I had grown up with to go to a better more challenging School. That year I made friends with a lot of seniors and so I learned firsthand what the next 4 years would be like. I’m a junior now and I can honestly say freshman year didn’t prepare me for much of anything to come. However the years at my school has prepared me in a way for countless things.
People, who say I can’t do it, don’t realize that the word “can’t” motivate me even more to do the impossible. In the end I will work hard to get it and ultimately thank them for their motivation.
I loved my mother but I never cried on the first day of school. I didn’t cry because I was ready for what’s next.
On a rainy day I want to look out from one of the tallest buildings in the city and look down and honestly say I don’t have to learn anymore, jump anymore, and work any harder because the greater reward is here. That night I won’t even look up at the stars, I know they’ll no longer be there to guide me. That night I’ll say thanks to all the people who helped me get their especially my parents and teachers.
That night is what I’m waiting on; I’m waiting on the Greater Reward.

The Impressive and Incredible secret to communcication

The Impressive and Incredible secret to communcication

Today’s Message:

Many people don’t know the art of communication but we all talk and communicate. Knowing the art of communication allows us to perfect something most of us do without a second though and often do it poorly. This Guide will hopefully make you a better communicator.

1. The first step to being the best communicator is not in fact talking at all but listening. A person who truly listens and understands what is being said will better understand the situation and be able to respond more effectively  People do not realize nor can I express how important listening is.

2. The second part of a conversation is how to respond. You want to start off with something positive about the person you are addressing. This does two things. It allows you to start of the conversation of a positive note. It also makes you seem less selfish.

A lot of people don’t realize that a conversation that doesn’t start of this way can lead to problems or arguments. People who start off the conversation negatively  with insult, or about themselves can lead to devaluing of what your about to or going to say. If they feel your going to respond negatively or with insult they might cut you off or refuse to listen to what you have to say. If they feel that you are a self centered or have selfish motives they aren’t really as willing to receive you.

3. The third part is how to actually how to end the response. The third part is the easiest part because their isn’t actually any guidelines to how you should say what your saying, aside from the normal. Things like be respectful. The trick though is to end the conversation with yourself. It allows the person to feel less obligated and things to go more settle.

These types of conversation aren’t perfect but they are superior way of communicated. An art and flow to the way we talk. If you try these tips and perfect them.

Today’s Quote: 

Listen to many, speak to a few.
-William Shakespeare

Today’s Video: 

The Art of Data Visualization | Off Book | PBS

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