RC Battle

Published on Jul 3, 2013

RC Tanks and Aircraft battle it out in this short action scene. Who knew that little army men fought in their own mini battles! We would love to know what you thought about the video and thanks for sharing!


An interesting Fact for every State!


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The Next Bieber

Austin Mahone [AM]

       Austin Mahone or AM or the next Bieber as some are saying is another pop singer on the rise. However not popular enough or relevant enough for me to have an opinion on him yet. However I will Include some links about him down below. 

About|Official Website|Gallery|Twitter|Sample songs

How to Speak Swaghili [Yeezus]

I be speakin Swaghili…

If you’ve been paying any attention to new culture latley you’ve probably seen Kanye’s West name written on it.

Here’s an update on Kanye:

  • Runs into pole flips out on paparazzi- http://bit.ly/11Bk3ck
  • Rants about not doing skits for SNL- http://bit.ly/10I98qW
  • Preforms 2 new songs on SNL-
    http://bit.ly/11k6FI2 & http://bit.ly/1a3xekf
  • His Baby named North West (clever)- http://huff.to/11BGxI1
  • Yeezus leaked- http://bit.ly/17qmxfV
  • Controversial Lyrics stir up conversation- http://bit.ly/12I0HBD
  • Arrogant Lyrics Questioned- http://bit.ly/12I0HBD
  • The Language Swahili is created– http://bit.ly/11HIZwB

8 popular words translated into Swaghili…

Turn Up | Definition: To let loose and have fun | Swaghili Translation: Oscillate upward

Thirsty | Definition: To crave attention | Swaghili translation: Parched

Jump off | Definition: A girl used strictly for sex, nothing else | Swaghili translation: Public Restroom

Hella | Definition: To describe a lot of something | Swaghili Translation: Heap

Shorty | Definition: Affectionate term for a girlfriend, or attractive female | Swaghili Translation: Female Acquaintance

Ratchet | Definition: A ghetto girl who is loud and obnoxious and constantly causing drama and usually trashy | Swaghili Translation: Trollop

Where They Do That At | Definition: That’s lame, no one does that | Swaghili Translation: Alabama

Baby Mama/Baby Daddy | Definition: The person who you went half on a baby with || Swaghili Translation | Indentured Companion

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