Will Smith Still has it

This video will truly make you smile. Will Smith, his son, and some of his friends preform on the Graham Norton show.

Dwyade Wade goes to prom with fan

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Will Lie for Food

I found the picture funny & I hope things get better

Daniel Henderson


At twenty years old, I had three or four employees and was running out of cash quickly.  I had borrowed a total of $45,000 from my Dad to start a company earlier the same year.  I had highly underestimated what it was going to cost me to be in business the first year, and thought my entrepreneurial career was coming to an end as quickly as it had began.  However, just a few weeks before Christmas, my only salesman stumbled upon an opportunity that resulted in us merging with another company.  Over the course of the following two years, my income skyrocketed, as did my standard of living.  I bought a big house, several cars, and thought I had made it.  Turns out, most of the money I earned, was not from the work we were producing, but rather from investors.  Our intentions were pure, but clearly within a couple…

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Happy Earth Day

Love the photo. Very truthful caption most people don’t know that we have less than 1% of fresh drinkable water around the earth

Nicole Franco's Blog

Happy Earth Day from Mexico! The right to clean, accessible water is a global issue. Please consider how you impact water conservation.

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