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How to Speak Swaghili [Yeezus]

I be speakin Swaghili…

If you’ve been paying any attention to new culture latley you’ve probably seen Kanye’s West name written on it.

Here’s an update on Kanye:

  • Runs into pole flips out on paparazzi- http://bit.ly/11Bk3ck
  • Rants about not doing skits for SNL- http://bit.ly/10I98qW
  • Preforms 2 new songs on SNL-
    http://bit.ly/11k6FI2 & http://bit.ly/1a3xekf
  • His Baby named North West (clever)- http://huff.to/11BGxI1
  • Yeezus leaked- http://bit.ly/17qmxfV
  • Controversial Lyrics stir up conversation- http://bit.ly/12I0HBD
  • Arrogant Lyrics Questioned- http://bit.ly/12I0HBD
  • The Language Swahili is created– http://bit.ly/11HIZwB

8 popular words translated into Swaghili…

Turn Up | Definition: To let loose and have fun | Swaghili Translation: Oscillate upward

Thirsty | Definition: To crave attention | Swaghili translation: Parched

Jump off | Definition: A girl used strictly for sex, nothing else | Swaghili translation: Public Restroom

Hella | Definition: To describe a lot of something | Swaghili Translation: Heap

Shorty | Definition: Affectionate term for a girlfriend, or attractive female | Swaghili Translation: Female Acquaintance

Ratchet | Definition: A ghetto girl who is loud and obnoxious and constantly causing drama and usually trashy | Swaghili Translation: Trollop

Where They Do That At | Definition: That’s lame, no one does that | Swaghili Translation: Alabama

Baby Mama/Baby Daddy | Definition: The person who you went half on a baby with || Swaghili Translation | Indentured Companion

Learn Swaghili and be happy from Lessons Learned…

The story of Sleepiness

Today’s Message:

Now normally I would post something on how to better yourself or improve yourself but, today is just a story that I hope you’ll learn from.

Last Tuesday…

Now from the title you can tell this story is going to be about sleep and this story started to be honest last Tuesday. I’m in the band, drum line to be specific and I normally play cymbals, which isn’t all that bad.

Tuesday… (cont.)

But, this Tuesday I went to practice with a group of numerous band’s for a special event. I was unaware that for one I’d need to bring cymbals but I was grateful when they had an extra pair of cymbals. I began to play cymbals with this new group and they are slightly different than what I’m used to. So by the end of the day I asked to switch to Snare Drum. 

Sunday’s Practice…

Now there are like a total of 4 practices and I spent 1 on cymbals and the other Sunday practice I would miss because it was Father’s Day.


So I asked for a good friend to come over and help me practice and he would end up spending the night. However because I wanted to learn all I could about the snare, I made sure to stay up and practice all night.

Tuesday (today)…

Today has been a struggle constantly falling asleep, getting angrier quicker, prone to complain nothing like my normal self. And I’m the type of person who doesn’t even like sleeping.

So when I came to write a daily weekly post it was the only thing that could come to mind, sleep.

Sorry for the poorly written article but weather your tired like me or wide awake make sure you smile and stay happy. 

Today’s Quote:

A well-spent day brings happy sleep.
–Leonardo da Vinci 

Today’s Video:

She didn’t get enough sleep: “Click Here”

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Mind Blowing Voice

Now this video was and still is called the unexpected voice. It’s so surprising because of his appearance and then his music selection and delivery are just amazing.

We Didn’t Start the Viral

A video from comedy week that’s called “we didn’t start the viral” stars a bunch of you tubers from viral video’s edited into this collage. It takes the form of a band in concert and them singing a semi-catchy tune.

See how many of these you tubers you can identify. I’ve watched YouTube for quite a while now and could identify quite a few. Even some I never actually watched a whole video or subscribed.

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The Impressive and Incredible secret to communcication

The Impressive and Incredible secret to communcication

Today’s Message:

Many people don’t know the art of communication but we all talk and communicate. Knowing the art of communication allows us to perfect something most of us do without a second though and often do it poorly. This Guide will hopefully make you a better communicator.

1. The first step to being the best communicator is not in fact talking at all but listening. A person who truly listens and understands what is being said will better understand the situation and be able to respond more effectively  People do not realize nor can I express how important listening is.

2. The second part of a conversation is how to respond. You want to start off with something positive about the person you are addressing. This does two things. It allows you to start of the conversation of a positive note. It also makes you seem less selfish.

A lot of people don’t realize that a conversation that doesn’t start of this way can lead to problems or arguments. People who start off the conversation negatively  with insult, or about themselves can lead to devaluing of what your about to or going to say. If they feel your going to respond negatively or with insult they might cut you off or refuse to listen to what you have to say. If they feel that you are a self centered or have selfish motives they aren’t really as willing to receive you.

3. The third part is how to actually how to end the response. The third part is the easiest part because their isn’t actually any guidelines to how you should say what your saying, aside from the normal. Things like be respectful. The trick though is to end the conversation with yourself. It allows the person to feel less obligated and things to go more settle.

These types of conversation aren’t perfect but they are superior way of communicated. An art and flow to the way we talk. If you try these tips and perfect them.

Today’s Quote: 

Listen to many, speak to a few.
-William Shakespeare

Today’s Video: 

The Art of Data Visualization | Off Book | PBS

Guest Post:

One Cool Site

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