How are you doing?

Today’s Message: We often get caught up with the 9 to 5 task and our busy lives that we forget to ask ourselves and others, How are we doing? It is an essential of a question as taking a test to evaluate your performance, because without it would we really know how we are really doing. Today I’d be interested in knowing how people are doing but blog posts don’t exactly work that way but feel free to contact me and tell me.

Instead of trying to collect a group discussion on how people are doing today. I’m going to tell you about the top three events that happened to me in the past week. Including how I started getting paid for blogging.

The first thing good that comes to mind is my increasing popularity on WordPress. You may or may not know how good it feels to get an increasing amount of views that often surpass previous amount of all time best views. It really is a wonderful feeling and I of course have the people who read my Daily Blogs to thank. I hope that I can continue to get an increase in views. I also hope that I keep getting better and keep giving people what they want. Which I of course wouldn’t know what you wanted unless you gave me feedback. So keep commenting and sharing so I can give you my best.

The second best thing that happened to me is the reason I’ll begin vloggiing and posting videos soon. I was able to convince my good Father to buy me a camera. I had to make a presentation and present it to him. He was so impresses by the camera that he went out of his way to get me extra. I originally asked for $200 GOPro but he went ahead and got me the $400 GOpro Black edition-surf, which I think will be phenomenal. He than went ahead and bought accessories with the camera so I’ll be well prepared to start uploading good quality videos.

The third best thing that happened to me recently is I was given the opportunity to MAKE MONEY Blogging from home, online, and automated. It’s a really simple process but words can not explain how great it is or how it works. But I will share the secret to making lots of money blogging just because you read this post. So you should feel fortunate. This really does work its not a scam and I hope you enjoy.

Today’s Quote:

Communal well-being is central to human life.
–Cat Stevens

Today’s Song:

Heard em’ Say

Update: I will be uploading a movie as always Thursday. Don’t forget to check out how to get paid for doing what you like (blogging) 🙂



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A BREAK for the BETTER :-)

I am not sure how many people consistently follow this blog the numbers seem to get obscured here and there. But if you follow my blog you probably know where this is going. Another apology. It saddens me every time I feel as if I let someone down, it really does. I don’t know what to say except sorry and thanks for sticking around this long to see me come through. Many have kept your side of the bargain by viewing daily and i have not met that demand. However I can say is that’ll I’ll try my hardest to prevent a gap in content from day to day.

While I was away from this blog I did learn a lot of new things. Especially things with marketing. I have a new affiliate if you look around my blog you’ll see a couple of advertisements. But unlike other advertising or affiliates this one is actually one that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I do mean CHANGE and I do mean YOU. This program has many benefits, including marketing strategies that superior to anyone I’ve seen before and a program that offers 100% commission if you decide to sell their product. They teach you how to take that 100% commission + superior marketing and turn it into 10k a month after 90 days. It really is as awesome as it seems. For more info click here.

With that being said I am excited to announce that I will so be vlogging and other things on YouTube. I plan to do part of the videos with my brother but overall it will really provide some insight on what the of person I am and hopefully you’ll get to know me better.

If you didn’t click the link before here it is again: Don’t miss out on a great opportunity.

Today’s Quote:

It’s easier to go down a hill than up it but the view is much better at the top.
–Henry Ward Beecher

Today’s Video:

Heads will Roll

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*I uploaded this yesterday but my internet

The Impressive and Incredible secret to communcication

The Impressive and Incredible secret to communcication

Today’s Message:

Many people don’t know the art of communication but we all talk and communicate. Knowing the art of communication allows us to perfect something most of us do without a second though and often do it poorly. This Guide will hopefully make you a better communicator.

1. The first step to being the best communicator is not in fact talking at all but listening. A person who truly listens and understands what is being said will better understand the situation and be able to respond more effectively  People do not realize nor can I express how important listening is.

2. The second part of a conversation is how to respond. You want to start off with something positive about the person you are addressing. This does two things. It allows you to start of the conversation of a positive note. It also makes you seem less selfish.

A lot of people don’t realize that a conversation that doesn’t start of this way can lead to problems or arguments. People who start off the conversation negatively  with insult, or about themselves can lead to devaluing of what your about to or going to say. If they feel your going to respond negatively or with insult they might cut you off or refuse to listen to what you have to say. If they feel that you are a self centered or have selfish motives they aren’t really as willing to receive you.

3. The third part is how to actually how to end the response. The third part is the easiest part because their isn’t actually any guidelines to how you should say what your saying, aside from the normal. Things like be respectful. The trick though is to end the conversation with yourself. It allows the person to feel less obligated and things to go more settle.

These types of conversation aren’t perfect but they are superior way of communicated. An art and flow to the way we talk. If you try these tips and perfect them.

Today’s Quote: 

Listen to many, speak to a few.
-William Shakespeare

Today’s Video: 

The Art of Data Visualization | Off Book | PBS

Guest Post:

One Cool Site

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Update: Sorry for my commitment to the Daily Blogs I really have had quite the work to do. However I will try to make up for them. I have completed the Education part of the blog but I still look to Improve it much more.

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