Good vs. Great


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Today’s Message:

Now you may not hear a lot of stories about people who were almost millionaires or who were almost the Best. However there are a lot of people who missed being the next Mark Zuckerberg or Millionaire.

A study…

was done a while back about why people participate in the lottery, and a small amount of people believed that they had a good chance of winning. They believed they had a good chance cause they always see the winners or know there are winners even if they are anonymous.

The truth is…

that there are way way way more losers than there are winners by a very very large margin. I forget the actual numbers.

That’s not the point though…

The point I’m trying ot make today is there is a lot of awesome people in the world but the ones who seem to make it are willing to work extra hard. There willing to turn great failures there best accomplishments.

An example?..

-Donald Trump almost filed bankruptcy 

when asked how he handled it he said that he just went to work crunching the numbers and working hard to get out of the pinch

-Mac Miller rapped for 8 years before he became popular

never gave up his dreams, even mentioning his poverty in his songs
(I need a Dollar)

-Michael Jordan was cut from his high school team

He practiced and worked hard to become the greatest NBA player ever

So when you fail or it gets tough re-asses your goals and start running after them. There is no breaks for the best of the best, stay happy.

Today’s Quote:

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
–Maya Angelou

Today’s Song

I need a Dollar

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Life aint easy

Today’s Message: Recently I have been thinking a lot. A lot about the future and what is in store. The normal thing a high school junior thinks about College, a job, grades, and all the other good stuff. College being a big concern but a bigger concern for me is being successful. I don’t mean like Mom and Pop corner store successful I mean Donald Trump Successful  Well maybe not that successful  but you get the point. I’ve thought of a thousand ways to do it, I’ve studied in the art of success and will be getting my degree soon. In all seriousness though I’m partly afraid that what I have to put forth won’t be enough. I have nightmares of the bottom and almost anyone can tell you that life aint easy. 5276881-256-kaa9fec74

I know it will be hard work. To be completely honest I’m willing to work and do whatever and I mean whatever it takes to be the best at whatever I do. I plan to do a lot. I hope to share my wealth, success, and the secrets to getting there so make sure you follow and view daily so that you can see the life and blueprints to success. Wikipedia doesn’t say everything you know.

Set your aspirations and know you’ll get there and guess what sooner or later you’ll be there, right next to me of course.

Today’s Quote:

Life is never easy for those who dream.
 Robert James Waller

Today’s Song:

Donald Trump

Today’s Video:

Donald Trump

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