Introduction to Theory of Literature with Paul H. Fry

1. Introduction
by YaleCourses 153,089 views
46:31 2

2. Introduction (cont.)
by YaleCourses 39,829 views
46:44 3

3. Ways In and Out of the Hermeneutic Circle
by YaleCourses 52,705 views
52:14 4

4. Configurative Reading
by YaleCourses 22,160 views
46:25 5

5. The Idea of the Autonomous Artwork
by YaleCourses 19,721 views
50:07 6

6. The New Criticism and Other Western Formalisms
by YaleCourses 22,256 views
48:57 7

7. Russian Formalism
by YaleCourses 26,391 views
51:31 8

8. Semiotics and Structuralism
by YaleCourses 58,107 views
49:54 9

9. Linguistics and Literature
by YaleCourses 65,634 views
51:43 10

10. Deconstruction I
by YaleCourses 75,157 views
52:58 11

11. Deconstruction II
by YaleCourses 24,265 views
50:40 12

12. Freud and Fiction
by YaleCourses 26,740 views
51:10 13

13. Jacques Lacan in Theory
by YaleCourses 99,698 views
51:17 14

14. Influence
by YaleCourses 20,277 views
52:50 15

15. The Postmodern Psyche
by YaleCourses 39,837 views
50:10 16

16. The Social Permeability of Reader and Text
by YaleCourses 11,810 views
51:37 17

17. The Frankfurt School of Critical Theory
by YaleCourses 67,023 views
53:46 18

18. The Political Unconscious
by YaleCourses 20,813 views
53:22 19

19. The New Historicism
by YaleCourses 23,915 views
52:24 20

20. The Classical Feminist Tradition
by YaleCourses 18,854 views
53:58 21

21. African-American Criticism
by YaleCourses 12,547 views
54:42 22

22. Post-Colonial Criticism
by YaleCourses 42,846 views
49:55 23

23. Queer Theory and Gender Performativity
by YaleCourses 35,241 views
50:53 24

24. The Institutional Construction of Literary Study
by YaleCourses 7,899 views
53:33 25

25. The End of Theory?; Neo-Pragmatism
by YaleCourses 16,063 views
49:48 26

26. Reflections; Who Doesn’t Hate Theory Now?
by YaleCourses 10,726 views


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