Niga Higa’s Newest Movie

Candy Crush

Niga Higa who was at one time the most subscribed person on YouTube came out with a new trailer based around Candy Crush and people’s addiction to simple but viral video games.

In the video Angry Birds, Temple Run, and even Mario are mentioned. The video is done in a serious tone but of course knowing Ryan Higa it’s actually really funny.

Even though this video is just a fake trailer, I would watch it if they came out with a extended version. This also remind of Ryan Higa’s video  “Agents of Secret Stuff” which is another movie he did (not a trailer this time) that was 35 minutes and very entertaining and just like this trailer in many ways. To watch Agents of Secret Stuff  “click here”

If you where curious about what Ryan Higa’s Trailer well here it is:

I hope it made you laughed, stay happy from LessonsLearned

Free Movie- The Social Network from LessonsLearned

Free Movie-

LessonsLearned does not have a post today, sorry. I will make up for today’s and yesterday. Yesterday I made a post but it got lost somehow while was editing it. I should have been more careful. However that is all behind us, and I have one thing to ask of you. That of course is to stay happy.

Today’s Movie:
“Click Here”

How are you doing?

Today’s Message: We often get caught up with the 9 to 5 task and our busy lives that we forget to ask ourselves and others, How are we doing? It is an essential of a question as taking a test to evaluate your performance, because without it would we really know how we are really doing. Today I’d be interested in knowing how people are doing but blog posts don’t exactly work that way but feel free to contact me and tell me.

Instead of trying to collect a group discussion on how people are doing today. I’m going to tell you about the top three events that happened to me in the past week. Including how I started getting paid for blogging.

The first thing good that comes to mind is my increasing popularity on WordPress. You may or may not know how good it feels to get an increasing amount of views that often surpass previous amount of all time best views. It really is a wonderful feeling and I of course have the people who read my Daily Blogs to thank. I hope that I can continue to get an increase in views. I also hope that I keep getting better and keep giving people what they want. Which I of course wouldn’t know what you wanted unless you gave me feedback. So keep commenting and sharing so I can give you my best.

The second best thing that happened to me is the reason I’ll begin vloggiing and posting videos soon. I was able to convince my good Father to buy me a camera. I had to make a presentation and present it to him. He was so impresses by the camera that he went out of his way to get me extra. I originally asked for $200 GOPro but he went ahead and got me the $400 GOpro Black edition-surf, which I think will be phenomenal. He than went ahead and bought accessories with the camera so I’ll be well prepared to start uploading good quality videos.

The third best thing that happened to me recently is I was given the opportunity to MAKE MONEY Blogging from home, online, and automated. It’s a really simple process but words can not explain how great it is or how it works. But I will share the secret to making lots of money blogging just because you read this post. So you should feel fortunate. This really does work its not a scam and I hope you enjoy.

Today’s Quote:

Communal well-being is central to human life.
–Cat Stevens

Today’s Song:

Heard em’ Say

Update: I will be uploading a movie as always Thursday. Don’t forget to check out how to get paid for doing what you like (blogging) 🙂



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Persistence isn’t always promising

Today’s Story: 

Yesterday I wanted to post a story about Boston and I watched something that really covered it well but I would need to edit it. I would need to edit it because not the whole story was about Boston. So I set out to what I thought would be a 30 min process, I was wrong. Still today I’m unable to successfully edit a video and upload to WordPress so I’ll continue to work on it over the weekend. However today I knew I’d have to post something because I promised a Free Movie.

Which brings me to my next story. Now before you jump to conclusions the link to the movie is down below. However what I want to say is that if the movie isn’t successful for you comment down below because I had some troubles. I’ve also been trying for the longest time to try and Update Flash Java or whatever. The thing though is that even though I’ve gone through the process three times my browser (Google Chrome) still doesn’t recognize it. Do not get me wrong I love Google Chrome and I’m not even saying it’s the problem but I’d really like to see some success notification instead of error messages.

So the last two days me and technology have not been friends but we are going to try and work it out over the weekend so I can post better content. Thanks for all who viewed and for those of you who followed me.

Remember to follow this new post to help not only develop it but learn life lessons. I will be posting educational and entertaining content aimed at teens and people my age. These Things will really help you succeed in the future. Please comment and don’t forget I will post a free movie to this blog every Thursday based on request or relevance. Look at other lessons learned and be Happy and Share.

Today’s Quote:

A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.

Elbert Hubbard

Today’s Song: The way it is…

Today’s Movie: Oz:The Great and Powerful

Update: I plan to create two new blogs one aimed at older audiences and another aimed at things I Discover and find interesting

…and again Share, be Happy, and Thanks

Try to learn something about everything and everything about something

-Thomas Huxley