The story of Sleepiness

Today’s Message:

Now normally I would post something on how to better yourself or improve yourself but, today is just a story that I hope you’ll learn from.

Last Tuesday…

Now from the title you can tell this story is going to be about sleep and this story started to be honest last Tuesday. I’m in the band, drum line to be specific and I normally play cymbals, which isn’t all that bad.

Tuesday… (cont.)

But, this Tuesday I went to practice with a group of numerous band’s for a special event. I was unaware that for one I’d need to bring cymbals but I was grateful when they had an extra pair of cymbals. I began to play cymbals with this new group and they are slightly different than what I’m used to. So by the end of the day I asked to switch to Snare Drum. 

Sunday’s Practice…

Now there are like a total of 4 practices and I spent 1 on cymbals and the other Sunday practice I would miss because it was Father’s Day.


So I asked for a good friend to come over and help me practice and he would end up spending the night. However because I wanted to learn all I could about the snare, I made sure to stay up and practice all night.

Tuesday (today)…

Today has been a struggle constantly falling asleep, getting angrier quicker, prone to complain nothing like my normal self. And I’m the type of person who doesn’t even like sleeping.

So when I came to write a daily weekly post it was the only thing that could come to mind, sleep.

Sorry for the poorly written article but weather your tired like me or wide awake make sure you smile and stay happy. 

Today’s Quote:

A well-spent day brings happy sleep.
–Leonardo da Vinci 

Today’s Video:

She didn’t get enough sleep: “Click Here”

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