How to stay Positive among the Negative?

Staying positive among the negative


Staying positive can be  challenging even if your in a positive environment. In this post I’m going to share with you how to stay positive no matter where you are or who you are. I’m also going catch you up on what I’ve been doing lately in my life and on this blog.

Now another good post to check out that ties into being positive is how to be confident. I believe that if your more confident it will help you be more positive. It will also make what I am about to tell you more effective.

Now for what I am about to tell you to work you need to really believe in the principles and apply them to your life. Theses principles can be life changing and really have an impact on your life if you let it. Many people might look up “how to be successful” or “How to be wealthy” watch a video than never act on it. Why do what you can do today tomorrow. So when you read this please act and try everything I teach you even if it doesn’t seem to work at first.

Time to Focus

The first step to being positive is belief and continuous belief. Now this is an easy and simple step to follow. but, in some ways this seems vague and you might ask yourself believe what? Well for now I want you to believe in this statement “I am Positive” then repeat several times a day. “I am Positive”. And make sure you truly believe it. Now it seems like a cliche: what ever you believe you can achieve but it’s TRUE! 

And right now I’m going to tell you why it works. Repeating it several times sets it in your subconscious and in your mental atmosphere. When you say “I am positive” your subconscious becomes more positive. You also generally begin believing what your saying if you say it enough. Before long you’ll begin feeling more positive and acting more positive. This method of repeating positive saying is one of the most basic physiological “tricks” of life.

Second Thing

The second thing you can do to stay positive is thinking and saying things positive. Now this might sound similar to the advice I gave you before but it is in fact very different. Before I told you repeating positive things can subconsciously make you feel better. Now I’m telling you re-phrasing how you think and say basic phrases can make you more positive automatically and instantly!

For example a statement as simple as “I could not get to the post office” can be re-phrased to say “I can get to the post office tomorrow”. Rephrasing your words like this will make you and your mind more positive. People will even notice how much more positive you seem.

Third thing

Learn to recognize negativity and expunge it. This requires you to hang around positive people. This requires you to look at the positivity in life rather than the negative. And focus on staying and being positive. This means minimizing negatives or failures or anything that is NOT positive.

Last but not Least

There are plenty of other methods that are far better at staying positive but these methods are the basis and the best for those who have a hard time staying positive. Try these methods, focus, on these methods and think positive.


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Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.
–Zig Ziglar

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