RC Battle

Published on Jul 3, 2013

RC Tanks and Aircraft battle it out in this short action scene. Who knew that little army men fought in their own mini battles! We would love to know what you thought about the video and thanks for sharing!



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Niga Higa’s Newest Movie

Candy Crush

Niga Higa who was at one time the most subscribed person on YouTube came out with a new trailer based around Candy Crush and people’s addiction to simple but viral video games.

In the video Angry Birds, Temple Run, and even Mario are mentioned. The video is done in a serious tone but of course knowing Ryan Higa it’s actually really funny.

Even though this video is just a fake trailer, I would watch it if they came out with a extended version. This also remind of Ryan Higa’s video  “Agents of Secret Stuff” which is another movie he did (not a trailer this time) that was 35 minutes and very entertaining and just like this trailer in many ways. To watch Agents of Secret Stuff  “click here”

If you where curious about what Ryan Higa’s Trailer well here it is:

I hope it made you laughed, stay happy from LessonsLearned

Caring about others

Today’s  Message:

Lately I have been reading a lot of self development books that involve communication because I mean everyone, I mean unless your an extreme loner (which is fine) communicates. Now aside from some other major factors a re-appearing theme seems to be empathy or in other words caring about others. In fact  I believe that in one of Dale Carnegie books he says if everyone cared about one another and rarely about ourselves than we’d have an almost perfect world.

Today I’m going to talk about how to effectively and genuinely care about others and why it is important. If you apply what I am about to tell you correctly you’ll notice personal and social gains. People will be more apt to want to help you out because they like you.


First thing First

First I’m going to talk about several (but not all) ways to care about people in more genuine and effective way. The first way is general appreciation. Please and this is where most people fail, don’t get this confused with flattery.


Flattery is telling someone something they already know or want to hear the problem with this is it can be easily be detected and can often be taken as an insult. Imagine someone flattering you and then asking you for something I mean your not going to instantly dislike them but you’ll sorta resent them for all the kind statements knowing that they only said them to get something. Instead I recommend genuine appreciation.

Genuine Appreciation

Now genuine appreciation means talking about and admiring something that you really find unique or different about them. If you really believe in your statements the’ll come through as believable and you’ll be looked at as sincere.

Sincere Interest

Another good way to show you care about someone is talking about them. This can be as simple as asking them what they are doing or how they are doing. Now I’ll let you in on a secret this statements are so general they often don’t exhibit care but instead exhibit “small talk” or general conversation.

I recommend finding out what they are interested in and what they like to do which may require a little effort or research on your part but work a lot. Once you find something they are passionate about let them go on and on about what they like without ever getting impatient or cutting them off. Even if you don’t get what you intended out of the conversation you’ll be 10x more likely to get it later than at that moment because they’ll really take into account that you listened to them. They’ll also take into account that you care about them.

Other Remarks

Now there is much more that can be said about care and how to treat people but I have highlighted two of the fundamentals. Those again are: Genuine appreciation and sincere interest. I will be posting more about this topic and other related topics until than stay happy.

Today’s Quote:

We are afraid to care too much, for fear that the other person does not care at all. -Eleanor Roosevelt

Today’s Video:


Today’s Fast Fact:

Dale Carnegie came from rural farmers and became one of the world’s greatest speakers, what’s your excuse?

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p.s something that was supposed to be a secret 🙂


Deleuze: Appareils d’Etat et machines de guerre

Deleuze: Appareils d’Etat et machines de guerre, séance 1-33

Milton with John Rogers

1. Introduction: Milton, Power, and the Power of Milton
by YaleCourses 29,095 views
47:44 2

2. The Infant Cry of God
by YaleCourses 7,130 views
50:01 3

3. Credible Employment
by YaleCourses 3,260 views
51:09 4

4. Poetry and Virginity
by YaleCourses 4,151 views
47:00 5

5. Poetry and Marriage
by YaleCourses 4,229 views
51:52 6

6. Lycidas
by YaleCourses 4,293 views
52:37 7

7. Lycidas (cont.)
by YaleCourses 2,789 views
46:36 8

8. Areopagitica
by YaleCourses 4,371 views
51:20 9

9. Paradise Lost, Book I
by YaleCourses 24,207 views
50:38 10

10. God and Mammon: The Wealth of Literary Memory
by YaleCourses 6,451 views
45:40 11

11. The Miltonic Smile
by YaleCourses 4,569 views
47:25 12

12. The Blind Prophet
by YaleCourses 3,528 views
48:53 13

13. Paradise Lost, Book III
by YaleCourses 4,983 views
51:43 14

14. Paradise Lost, Book IV
by YaleCourses 4,675 views
52:35 15

15. Paradise Lost, Books V-VI
by YaleCourses 3,053 views
46:15 16

16. Paradise Lost, Books VII-VIII
by YaleCourses 2,625 views
47:04 17

17. Paradise Lost, Book IX
by YaleCourses 5,904 views
51:42 18

18. Paradise Lost, Books IX-X
by YaleCourses 3,605 views
51:09 19

19. Paradise Lost, Books XI-XII
by YaleCourses 2,812 views
45:44 20

20. Paradise Lost, Books XI-XII (cont.)
by YaleCourses 2,202 views
49:46 21

21. Paradise Regained, Books I-II
by YaleCourses 4,660 views
37:52 22

22. Paradise Regained, Books III-IV
by YaleCourses 1,804 views
44:04 23

23. Samson Agonistes
by YaleCourses 3,261 views
44:28 24

24. Samson Agonistes (cont.)
by YaleCourses 1,622 views