Philosophy 135 Lecture

Philosophy 135 – Lecture 1-35


Commitment & Promises

Today’s Message: First of all I would like to apologize because despite of my promise to post almost daily and make up for the time I lost when my computer was down I have managed to keep neither promise. However I do look to the future and this time I won’t make a promise when but I will make up for time lost.

With that being said I though that would be a great segue way into Commitment and Promises. Almost everyone knows the correlation between the two. If you don’t commit to a promise than it isn’t really a promise. In some ways a commitment is a promise. Such a commitment to finish something is like making a promise to finish something.

I met some who had made and kept over 230 promises. I know exactly how much because for every promise he makes he writes it down. Which only speaks volumes about what type of person he is.

This week try to write your commitments and promises down. I’ll promise to keep posting if you promise to keep viewing and following me. & I couldn’t say thank you enough ❤


Today’s Quote: Commitment is an act, not a word. –Jean-Paul Sartre

Today’s Song: Psy

Today’s Video: Pink Panther

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