Niga Higa’s Newest Movie

Candy Crush

Niga Higa who was at one time the most subscribed person on YouTube came out with a new trailer based around Candy Crush and people’s addiction to simple but viral video games.

In the video Angry Birds, Temple Run, and even Mario are mentioned. The video is done in a serious tone but of course knowing Ryan Higa it’s actually really funny.

Even though this video is just a fake trailer, I would watch it if they came out with a extended version. This also remind of Ryan Higa’s video  “Agents of Secret Stuff” which is another movie he did (not a trailer this time) that was 35 minutes and very entertaining and just like this trailer in many ways. To watch Agents of Secret Stuff  “click here”

If you where curious about what Ryan Higa’s Trailer well here it is:

I hope it made you laughed, stay happy from LessonsLearned


Kindergarten Revised

A satirical yet typical video of what most music videos sound like today. It stars a few celebrities that I have not seen personally in awhile. However this video was pretty entertaining and I think you’ll enjoy it.

We Didn’t Start the Viral

A video from comedy week that’s called “we didn’t start the viral” stars a bunch of you tubers from viral video’s edited into this collage. It takes the form of a band in concert and them singing a semi-catchy tune.

See how many of these you tubers you can identify. I’ve watched YouTube for quite a while now and could identify quite a few. Even some I never actually watched a whole video or subscribed.

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