Brain Mind and Behavior: Defining the Mind

Uploaded on Jan 10, 2008

Take a look into our current understanding of the function of the human brain and some of the important diseases that cause nervous system dysfunction. On this edition, Dr. Sophia Vinogradov of the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center explores the mixing of visual perception, emotion, and memory and the interplay of the different functions of the brain. Series: “UCSF Mini Medical School for the Public” [10/2007] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 13029]


How big is the Universe ?

Ever Wonder how big the universe is?

Well of course you could Google it but it doesn’t give you as good of an idea as this site I discovered. I will be including a link down below but just to give you a brief overview. This scale allows you to easily navigate from the most smallest even smaller than the atomic structure to the whole entire observable universe.

Even if your not into astronomy a whole bunch I find and I’m pretty sure you’ll find this really interesting.

“Click Here” for link, as always stay happy from Lessons Learned.

Amazing Resonance Experiment!

I found this neat and fascinating. I thinks think this is a good way to start off summer but not typical nor ideal.

Song name: Dark Wave……

We are really alone…

We are really alone and may be small in comparison but their does happen to be some benefits.

Now I normally don’t do my daily blog like this but this video was very touching, it is called Space Oddity Goodbye. Now I don’t plan to write a review of this but instead talk about some general facts revolving around our universe and loneliness.

When you look at our entire observable universe, we are really small. Like an ant to a skyscraper times a billion. If you were to name everything you could in the observable universe in an hour, there is a great chance you could miss earth entirely. So yea we’re pretty small.

Sometimes we seem small in comparison to the world around us but unlike the universe there is always someone around who I bet cares. 9/10 I care about the average stranger and the person I don’t even know. So really when you think about it it’s a small world after all.

However I must present another view. The view that no one else can do us or should i say you. No one can get grades for us, no one can go to work for us, no one can live our lives for us.

But, maybe that is a good thing. Us being alone in the universe allows us to expand and not be conquered. Maybe we rely to much on others. Maybe it’s a good thing we are the solemn ruler and undisputed ruler of our own decisions. because who knows what it be like if no matter where you went you where never alone. No matter how deeply you think or how far you go into the universe someone is always their, its kind of a nightmare if you think about it.

Today’s Quote:

“We live as we dream–alone….”
― Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness

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Civil – Environmental Air Pollution by NPTEL

Environmental Air Pollution – Introduction to Atmosphere
by nptelhrd 42,127 views
56:28 2

Lecture 2 Air Pollution Systems
by nptelhrd 11,608 views
58:36 3

Lecture_3 Air Quality Standards
by nptelhrd 4,112 views
49:06 4

Lecture_4 Types and Forms of Air Pollutants
by nptelhrd 3,885 views
52:49 5

Lecture 5 Measurement Units and Particulate classification
by nptelhrd 4,138 views
48:47 6

Lecture_6 Interpretation and Particle Size Distributions
by nptelhrd 5,206 views
55:40 7

Lecture_7 Atmospheric Formation of Air Pollutants-1
by nptelhrd 2,402 views
49:49 8

Lecture_8 Atmospheric Formation of Air Pollutants-2
by nptelhrd 1,914 views
53:06 9

Lecture_9 Atmospheric Formation of Air Pollutants-3
by nptelhrd 1,617 views
56:50 10

Lecture_10 Kinetics of Air Pollution and Combustion Processe
by nptelhrd 2,797 views
55:42 11

Lecture_11 Internal Combustion Engine and Air Pollution-1
by nptelhrd 17,685 views
50:25 12

Lecture_12 Internal Combustion Engine and Air Pollution-2
by nptelhrd 10,067 views
55:27 13

Lecture_13 Air Pollution and Health-1
by nptelhrd 2,287 views
48:52 14

Lecture_14 Air Pollution and Health-2
by nptelhrd 2,061 views
52:39 15

Lecture 15 Emission Inventory
by nptelhrd 1,648 views
57:02 16

Lecture 16 – Sources of air pollution
by nptelhrd 4,599 views
1:00:56 17

17 Emission from Fugitive Sources & Sulfuric acid production
by nptelhrd 2,257 views
1:01:04 18

Lecture 18 – Aluminium Production and Air Pollution I
by nptelhrd 2,570 views
1:00:10 19

Lecture 19 Aluminium Production & Air Pollution II
by nptelhrd 1,664 views
56:57 20

Lecture 20 Coke Production & Air Pollution
by nptelhrd 1,619 views
1:00:28 21

Lecture_21 Examples for Practice
by nptelhrd 1,749 views
1:04:33 22

Lec 22 Meteorological measurements and their interpretation
by nptelhrd 2,240 views
53:01 23

lecture 23 – Examples for Practice-Dispersion Modeling
by nptelhrd 2,672 views
45:52 24

Lecture 24 – Vertical Temperature Profile of Atmosphere
by nptelhrd 3,929 views
53:03 25

Lecture 25 Stability Mixing Height and Plume Behavior I
by nptelhrd 2,943 views
52:01 26

Lecture 26 Stability Mixing Height and Plume Behavior II
by nptelhrd 1,939 views
41:11 27

Lecture 27 Solar Radiation based Stability Calculation
by nptelhrd 2,487 views
51:06 28

Lecture 28 Air Quality Modeling I
by nptelhrd 3,141 views
42:16 29

Lecture 29 – Air Quality Modeling II
by nptelhrd 2,641 views
56:27 30

Lecture 30 – Derivation of Guassian Model
by nptelhrd 2,441 views
52:56 31

Lecture 31 – Gaussian Model – Useful Formulation
by nptelhrd 3,933 views
58:07 32

Lecture 32 Plume Rise , Area and Line source model
by nptelhrd 2,765 views
53:45 33

Lecture_33 Air Quality Modeling-Maximum Ground Level Concent
by nptelhrd 1,957 views
37:38 34

Lecture_34 Examples for Air Quality Modeling
by nptelhrd 1,988 views
51:19 35

Lecture_35 Air Pollution Control Devices-1
by nptelhrd 4,437 views
57:33 36

Lecture_36 Air Pollution Control Devices-2
by nptelhrd 4,258 views
48:18 37

Lecture_37 Source Emission Monitoring
by nptelhrd 2,007 views
53:29 38

Lecture_38 Receptor Source Modeling
by nptelhrd 1,497 views
59:24 39

Lecture_39 Environmental Laws
by nptelhrd 2,521 views

Course | Darwin’s Legacy

Darwin’s Legacy | Lecture 1
by StanfordUniversity 81,460 views
1:56:11 2

Darwin’s Legacy | Lecture 2
by StanfordUniversity 22,914 views
1:50:05 3

Darwin’s Legacy | Lecture 3
by StanfordUniversity 17,009 views
1:58:40 4

Darwin’s Legacy | Lecture 4
by StanfordUniversity 20,931 views
1:50:30 5

Darwin’s Legacy | Lecture 5
by StanfordUniversity 12,345 views
1:53:55 6

Darwin’s Legacy | Lecture 6
by StanfordUniversity 8,820 views
1:50:47 7

Darwin’s Legacy | Lecture 7
by StanfordUniversity 9,363 views
1:58:32 8

Darwin’s Legacy | Lecture 8
by StanfordUniversity 8,226 views
1:51:01 9

Darwin’s Legacy | Lecture 9
by StanfordUniversity 7,205 views
1:57:18 10

Darwin’s Legacy | Lecture 10
by StanfordUniversity 6,115 views